I found software design as most in the field, by studying graphic design which provided a foundation understanding how information can be used and presented. I feel the most myself when using my intellectual and creative powers to solve problems and dream up new and improved ways of doing things. My attention is largely focused on the world around me, and constantly probing its structures and systems to find ways to push things forward.

👊🏽 I feel immensely privileged to be in the tech industry as a mixed black queer woman from the south. I believe in designing products with thoughtfulness for all people and aim to work at companies or with clients who feel the same. I strive in environments that recognize the gaps in diversity and face them head-on with recognition of the white-dominated field this is.


I specialize in designing applications and design systems where user needs, business needs, and craft intersect. I'm looking to work on design systems teams to think systemically and creating a cohesive experience across teams so users experience one product.

  • I work with product managers to plan the "What".
  • I work with other designers to execute the "How": by defining how it works and how it looks.
  • I work with engineers to execute the built solutions.  I deeply care about the final details.
  • I work to document and refine the UI as a connected unit that delivers user interaction success.
  • I think about the technical details of a user interface and execute flows, motion, and transitions.
  • Own the design system, and maintain it over time. Create and own our guidelines for type, color, grid, iconography, and more. Drive decisions on shared patterns with an eye for consistency and quality.
  • Partner with developers to make sure the system remains accurate in production(e.g. file tickets for inconsistencies, keep storybook up to date).
  • Identify processes to scale the design system over time, rolling out guidelines for how others can contribute to it. Communicate changes to the system clearly over time.

Work experience


I am currently working at Coda an all-in-one doc that connects teams and workflows. I focus on the main document surface as well as the product design system. I've learned a ton working at a start-up in a super competitive market. I've had the opportunity to understand what it truly takes to deliver a high-value product that people want to purchase over similar tools. The first notable learning is the magnitude of collaboration it takes. My appreciation for cross-collaboration with marketing, business, engineering, sales, and customer support has grown immensely.


Previously at Zillow, I worked on new market experience Zillow offers and design systems for mobile applications. On the product side, my team tried to rethink the world of real estate. Making the process of buying and selling homes faster and transparent. One project is called Zillow offers. A process where consumers buy homes directly from Zillow to avoided frustrations of negotiation, staging,

My most exciting work was a mobile feature that empowered home buyers to tour homes without the need for an appointment or agent. We intergraded all Zillow-owned homes with Bluetooth technology that allowed an app to unlock the door and tour anytime.

I truly enjoyed thinking about and asking the hard questions of how mobile interfaces translate to ios and android from the web.


My first full-time position was at this little coffee company named Starbucks. I worked on the digital product team delivering a mobile coffee store and ordering to a phone near you. I focused on the rewards system as well as experimentation and ideations for what the future of a coffee app could be. I grew a high level of craft and mobile design in this role.